A Development Application (DA) is a request for approval from the local authorities to go ahead with a development.


What types of developments would need a Development Application?

These are just a few of the developments you would require a Development Application for:

    • Renovations to an existing home or structure;

    • Subdivisions (Torrens title, strata etc);

    • Demolishing an existing building;

    • Construction of a non exempt new building or structure.


What is the benefit of using a Development Application Consultant to prepare and submit your application?

Planwell Homes can submit your Development Application (DA) on your behalf to the local assessing authorities ie: local Council or private certifier.


Why not do it yourself?

It can get very overwhelming when trying to work through the most current requirements to get approval. Planwell Homes will provide:

  • Site Inspection

  • Contour Survey

  • Concept Plan

  • Landscape Plan

  • Working Drawings

  • Engineering

  • Relevant Reports

  • Application fees

and follow through to an approved Development Application.


Having Planwell Homes submit your development application on your behalf puts you in control of your project and gives you the freedom to choose the builder of your choice.


Planwell Homes specialise in building custom design homes, but have found customers paying for the same thing more than once, such as:

  • Site Inspection

  • Contour Survey

  • Concept Plan

just to compare the price of different builders.


With an approved development application (DA) you are ready to build with the price you are given from the builder you decide to go with and does not need to be reviewed from tender to build start.

To find out more on getting Planwell Homes to act as your development application consultant, please click HERE to have someone contact you.