velux electric skylight

Gone are the days of the boring old dome skylight, these days your skylight can double as a window and money saver!

Without question some parts of any house can become drab and dark, why not change the ambiance of these rooms and install the latest in skylights, a Velux Electronically operated Skylight?

The Velux Electronically operated Skylight allows natural sunlight and fresh air into your home with a flick on a switch, AND (yes it gets better) it even comes with a built-in rain sensor! If you are thinking of building a custom design home, speak to your builder about the latest in energy efficient products to reduce emissions and use the available natural resources to freshen and brighten your beautiful home.



For more information on installing the Velux Electronically operated Skylight in your custom built home, please click HERE to go through to the Velux website.

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