Thinking of building a new home? Building the actual home isn’t the only cost you need to consider. Standard site costs when building a new home is something you need to be aware of, but not alarmed about.



These ‘Standard’ Site Costs may include:

  • House Peg out – To make sure the building is in the right spot.
  • Soil tests – To determine type of soil for slab strength.
  • Site fencing – To keep the public and building materials safe.
  • Builder’s toilet – A legal requirement for all building sites to have a working toilet.
  • All weather access – Gravel drive way for wet weather access, to prevent a muddy bog.
  • Sediment control fencing – To control runoff from site into stormwater drains.
  • Site preparation Excavation Etc – To get site level and ready for slab.
  • Sewer and temporary power connection
  • Concrete pump – For pouring slab and piers.
  • Engineers Inspections – Engineers inspect piers and slab.
  • Site cleans – Removal of rubbish throughout the job.


Site costs 

Building a new home can be an exciting time, don’t let hidden costs dull the excitement for you. I hope this has article has cleared up any confusion and questions on what is actually included in the standard site costs when looking to build a new home. If you still have questions contact us today.