Planwell Tips

Planwell Tips

Maximise the efficiency of your custom built home with these simple Tips to make things easier for you.

Position of Furniture

How are you going to furnish the house? Knowing how each room will be used will enable you to plan out your spaces to better suit your lifestyle and family needs.

Light Switches

The placement of light switches can help create an intuitive and functional space. It is ideal to place light switches at the opening of each room, ensuring that it’s situated on the latch side of the door and not the hinge. At times, it may be more practical to position the light switch outside the door instead of inside.

TV and Telephone

Do you know the locations of the TV and telephone points? How about your computers? Knowing where these items will be placed and most frequently used will help determine where the wiring will be located.

Security System

Almost all modern security systems require both power and telephone points. These points are typically positioned in the pantry, wardrobe or linen cupboard.

Gas Points

Does your location have access to gas? If so, it is important to consider where you would like to locate your gas points. Remember to take into account whether they need to be positioned near a power point for the heater and fan ignition.

Pool Requirements

Selecting an ideal spot for your swimming pool can be easy if you take these tips into consideration. Position the pool away from large trees or any over hanging trees as this will help reduce the amount of leaves, twigs, flowers and dirt accumulated. For added shade, invest in a shade sail or erect a pergola over part of the pool.

Floor Coverings

Selecting the right floor coverings for your home can be quite a challenge. By identifying how each room will be utilised (e.g. living area, bedroom, study etc) you can narrow down your choice of floor coverings. The most common floor coverings comprises of carpet, tiles, hardwood flooring, laminate flooring and vinyl flooring. Each type of floor covering has its own pros and cons. For example, while hardwood flooring may look great they requires routine maintenance. Ideally, select the type of floor coverings that will provide your home with the right balance between aesthetic appeal and practicality.