Merry Christmas from the Planwell Team


The staff at Planwell Homes will be having a much deserved break over the Christmas period.

Our office will be closed from the 15th of December and reopen on the 15th of January.

Any inquiries that will be emailed or telephoned in will be answered when the office reopens.

We would like to take this opportunity to Thank everyone for their continued support and patronage during 2014.

Wishing you a Wonderful and Jolly Christmas and a Safe and Happy New Year.


Laundry storageTalking about storage solutions makes me feel like a giddy school girl, I just can’t get enough of it! So sit down with a cuppa and let’s explore storage solution options around the home.

Every room in the house needs to have some type of storage solution. Builders and designers have become pretty clever in the way they have ‘built-in’ storage solutions to make wasted space now become the smartest of storage spaces.


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energy efficient homesIn this day and age everyone is aware of the environmental impact humans have had on earth, and most of us care about doing our bit to help the environment. It’s a passionate and very important topic, so I thought I would write a little on being energy efficient around the home and when building a new home.

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velux electric skylight

Gone are the days of the boring old dome skylight, these days your skylight can double as a window and money saver!

Without question some parts of any house can become drab and dark, why not change the ambiance of these rooms and install the latest in skylights, a Velux Electronically operated Skylight?

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A Development Application (DA) is a request for approval from the local authorities to go ahead with a development.


What types of developments would need a Development Application?

These are just a few of the developments you would require a Development Application for:

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house before demolitionOdd shaped, steep or sloping blocks of land can present real problems when trying to build a standard designed home that just does not fit or needs major earth works. Why not build a custom designed home that you have a say in where everything goes and it can be a much cheaper option.

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Thinking of building a new home? Building the actual home isn’t the only cost you need to consider. Standard site costs when building a new home is something you need to be aware of, but not alarmed about.



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should we rebuild, renovate or sell up

When thinking of upgrading our home it’s usually two things that hold you back when making this decision: Emotional and Financial. Whether you are buying, building or renovating a choice needs to be made to get the best for your family.

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extended family living


In many cultures it is customary for more than one generation to live under the same roof. With the rising cost of living and housing Planwell Homes are having an influx in families looking at custom designing a home to include grandparents, and I really can’t blame them for doing it.

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