extended family living


In many cultures it is customary for more than one generation to live under the same roof. With the rising cost of living and housing Planwell Homes are having an influx in families looking at custom designing a home to include grandparents, and I really can’t blame them for doing it.

Let’s look at some of the benefits to keeping this custom alive:

1) Collaborating two mortgages into one means reduced monthly payments. A mortgage between 4 adults is friendlier than one between 2.

2) Lower living expenses including groceries and utilities when everyone pools all the shopping and bills together.

3) No added childcare fees when returning to work from maternity leave. Childcare can be upward of $100 per day in some areas.

4) Close on hand in situations where aged care or ill family members are concerned. Ground floor designs for grandparents and upper levels for the children and grandchildren work well in these situations.

 extended family


Each family has it owns dynamics and each family deserves to have a home specifically designed and built to suit each and every person that lives under that roof. After discussing with our design team the special requirements your family need in a home, let us draw up some plans and get started on your stunning custom designed home and become the envy of all your friends.


Whether you are looking to build duplexes, separate quarters or a shared home under the one roof talk to Planwell Homes about custom designing a home to include grandparents. Contact us to discuss your family’s needs.