should we rebuild, renovate or sell up

When thinking of upgrading our home it’s usually two things that hold you back when making this decision: Emotional and Financial. Whether you are buying, building or renovating a choice needs to be made to get the best for your family.

 Knock down rebuild.

You have lived in your current location for years, you know the neighbourhood, the neighbours, the kids are in the local school and have local after school activities most afternoons. There is just one problem, the house is too small, too old and in need of repairs. What should you do? Knock down and rebuild, renovate or sell up and relocate the whole family in an unknown area, still not getting entirely what your family requires in a home?

What value do you put on the cost of convenience and knowing the orientation of your current block of land? Which way does the sun rise and at what times of the day do you have shade and where, breeze directions etc?

The cost of a knock down rebuild of your old home could cost less than the price of landscaping once your new home is built.

When designing a custom home it is a wonderful way to let your creativity shine through and have a one-of-a-kind home to work with the contours of your block of land and not a standard package home.

Whether you are a growing family, in need of a teenage or grandparents retreat within the home and we all know privacy is important today and a huge consideration when building a custom home, because you are the one designing this home specifically to you and your family’s requirements you can achieve all of these things. Work closely together with our design team to get the best results for you, your family and your block of land.

Custom Home build - The Finished Product


Renovating your home

Relying on tradespeople to turn up when they say they will, having strangers walking through your personal space and possessions, being inconvenienced with dust and tools throughout your house. Living without a working bathroom and or kitchen for weeks at a time whilst your family are still trying to get on with your daily lives and business. Renovations can cost up to three times the amount of a new home and still with the same old plumbing and electricals.

 Buying an established house

Out of pocket expenses of buying a new house and shifting your family certainly are huge. Firstly you need to find a suburb you are happy with and that has everything you are looking for conveniently; spending hours trawling through a real estate website and weekend after weekend walking through open homes with kids isn’t always a fun weekend activity!

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