Are you thinking about building a new home in Sydney?
Planwell Homes offers custom built homes at competitive prices!

Welcome to Planwell Homes
Having a Custom design home is one way to express your individuality and let your personality shine through. Planwell Homes can assist you with the design process to maximize the potential your block of land has to create the perfect custom built home for your family. It’s all about building a luxury custom designed home tailored to YOUR needs and budget.

Do you have a sloping block of land? Does it slope up, down or perhaps to the left or right? Please don’t see this as a negative when looking at building, in fact this is the perfect opportunity to show your creative side and work with our design team to create a custom built dream home on your sloping block. Planwell Homes specialize in building sloping block house designs in the Sydney metropolitan area.


Some of the main benefits of building a house on a sloping block are:

Save money on landscaping

Less retaining walls

More space inside the home

Flatter driveway

Less cut and fill


A lot of builders shy away from building on a sloping block simply because the majority of the display homes are for level blocks. Some major design flaws could be created when entrusting a builder that has little to no experience building a sloping block design house.

As a builder, you need to do a few extra ground working steps to ensure the block and home is structurally sound. Planwell Homes have a great engineering contractor that works very closely with our building contractors to ensure the build is done right the first time, so the maximum value is achieved on your home.

Building a sloping block home allows you to follow the contours of the land and create a truly unique home in the way of either a split level home or a tri- level home.

 Planwell Homes are based in Kellyville, Sydney and are custom home builders who specialize in sloping block house design and builds. When you build with Planwell Homes you become a part of the family. Enjoy the attention to detail and the experience our consultants will provide throughout the whole process from start to finish ensuring the end product, your custom designed home, is perfect and all you need to do is move in!